JM offers professional and knowledgeable advice on challenging lending and borrowing matters, is attentive and courteous, especially during stressful financial situations. – Mike C.

Outstanding! We actually started the process with another broker but feel lucky to have been introduced to JM. His in-depth knowledge, incredible patience answering all our (seemingly never ending) questions and ability to explain everything in a very simple language is what one needs when going through this stressful process. We certainly appreciate his professionalism and responsiveness and highly recommend him. – Maryam F.

 JM is the ultimate professional. He explained everything in a very clear manner from A-Z. I would/will refer my friends, families, and colleagues to use JM’s services. Thank you! – Daniel S.

From start to finish, JM was a complete professional! He walked us through the process step by step on handling our mortgage, explained every page that we had to sign and in the end was able to reduce our rate even further! Made a potentially stressful decision become very straight forward and painless. Highly recommend using JM as a mortgage broker! – Brett A.

Amazing service and saved me 10K from the mortgage I was about to accept. Glad I checked with JM first. – Darren L.

I am extremely happy to have had JM Molloy assist me with my refinancing. His services was very professional and totally knowledgeable in his field. He explained everything from start to finished and followed up with me when I was anxious. He made me comfortable and worked at finding me the best solution to my needs. I sincerely thank him for his hard work and making me and my family feel at ease. I would not hesitate to recommend my friends and families to him. – Linda W.

 JM has been fantastic – professional, effective, efficient and flexible. He helped us navigate every stage of the mortgage process, and is a major reason we were able to secure a dream home for our family. Heartily recommended. – Andrew C.

** UPDATE: 5 years later – it’s renewal time and JM came through again! He secured us a much lower rate than the lowest our current provider would go. Great service as always!! Thank you so much JM for going above and beyond to help us as first time home buyers find the best financial mortgage option to fit out needs! For those of you who may be trying to decide what mortgage broker to go with I can not say enough good things about JM! (So many in fact that my first review got removed due to it looking like it was fake it was so glowing haha, so I will just stick to the facts!!) SO here is my Top 5 List of why I will recommend JM to anyone who will listen; 1. As first time home buyers we had a TONE Of questions and JM answered every one of them with a smile (I would have been annoyed with me if I was my own customer with the amount of questions I had lol) 2. We were both so concerned of being taken advantage of as first time home buyers, as we really didnt know any better! But JM asked us a tone of questions in return and helped us figure out what type of Mortgage and provider would be the best fit for US and our needs!! (*** And guess what, it was NOT the one that would have got him the bigger commission! In fact he talked us out of that one as it wasn’t the best option for us!!) 3. My boyfriend works crazy hours in construction and JM not only drove out to Ajax to make it easier for us but he came out at crazy hours and days to do so 4. JM also keeps an eye on what the newest market rates are to see if we can get a better deal than what we currently have (after the fee for breaking our contract early obviously) 5. Lastly, his customer service is impeccable! This is the real reason I will continue to recommend him! Seriously! He JUST Called me yesterday to wish me a Happy Birthday as it came up on his calendar from our paperwork. What kind of people offer that kind of customer service anymore? Not many!! SO Thank you JM for everything you have done for us!! All the Best. Meaghan & Ian 🙂 – Meaghan R.

JM was amazing throughout our home purchasing experience. He answered all our question and consistently kept working to find us a good rate and make sure it was a good fit for us and our needs. He was always available by phone and email when we needed him. Highly recommend:) – Alexandra B.

I’m extremely thankful with JM Molloy, for helping out in my house purchasing, very knowledgeable and professional on his work . – Jay G.